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The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat
The Lantern Maker's Courtship
Market Day in Constantinople
Japanese Woodblock Horse Rider
Almée, an Egyptian Dancer
Cairo Street
Woodcut Woman
Woodcut Woman 02
Untitled Wood Cut
Beautiful Woman Playing with Cat
Five Swans
Untitled Black and White Wood Cut
Woodcut Mother and Child
Untitled Party
Bird in a Tree
The Lantern Ghost
The Carpet Merchant
Woodcut Group of Women
New Designs as Fresh as Young Leaves
Spring of Mountain
Towing a Boat
New Fuji, Meguro
Winter Fuji
Horikiri Iris Garden
Plain in Kai Province
Blue Magpie on Maple Branch
The Moon on Musashi Plain
At the Fuji River
Wrestling a Carp in a Cascade
Japanese Inn at Hot Springs
Mountain Mist
Samerai on Horseback
Snowy Bridge
Sandstorm in Egypt
Ancient Temple Among Mountains
Carp Ascending a Waterfall
Eastern Market
Yoshitsune Falls
Pilgrims at Kirifuri Waterfall
Fine Wind, Clear Morning
Flower Blossoms
Crane in Flight
Birds & Flowers
Mosque on a Street Corner
The Sea at Satta
African Warrior in Armor
Samerai Battle
Mt. Kyodai and the Moon
Blue Striped Fish
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