High quality, thin-lead colored pencils, made of insoluble pigments that will not smear or run with moisture. Ideal for checking and marking also for creating outlines and lettering. The cedar wood case is finished to match the color of the lead.


36 premier verithin colored pencils in the following colors:

Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow, Spanish Orange, Goldenrod, Orange, Pale Vermilion, Pumpkin Orange, Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Magenta, Deco Pink, Light Peach, Dahlia Purple, Parma Violet, Violet Blue, Ultramarine, True Blue, Cerulean Blue, Peacock Blue, Aquamarine, Apple Green, True Green, Grass Green, Olive Green, Peacock Green, Terra Cotta, Tuscan Red, Dark Umber, Dark Brown, Warm Grey 20%, Cool Grey 70%, Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, White.

Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil Set - 36

SKU: SA2428