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Public Warning
Food will Win the War
Nothing Stops These Men
The Sword is Drawn
Enlist Now
Victory Liberty Bonds
Beat Grmany
Liberty Bond (#2)
Team Work Wins
5th Regiment Armory
Possible Consequences
Plow - Buy Bonds
On the Job for Victory
Join the Navy (#1)
Milk for Soldiers
Military Police
Marine Education Developement
Marine Service Land and Sea
Join Marines (Yellow)
Marines Want You
Boy Scout Liberty Loan
Travel Adventure
German Propaganda (#1)
German Propaganda (#2)
Join Engineers
Field Artillery
Clear the Way
Third Liberty Loan
They Need Food
Battle Stations
U.S. War Stamps
Don't Let the Shadow
To have and to Hold
Buy Extra Bonds
Keep Him Flying
85 Million Americans
Every Payday
You Buy 'em We'll Fly 'em
United for America
Americans All
We'll Finish the Job
Serve in France
Columbia Calls
Navy Recruiting Station
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