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Shawnee History is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the Shawnee Historical District in Park County, Colorado. We advocate for the historically accurate restorations of buildings and landmarks in the area. We also organise fun and educational events that inform our community and it's visitors about the historic landmarks that we help preserve. You can help by joining and attending our monthly meetings, where we discuss many community issues and plan events and organise project development. 


Dues are renewed every January.

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Please consider a donation to help fund our many projects and  events. Below we have provided a display of our current and past 
projects and events, with detailed descriptions of the process and development. 

Help us fund our cause

You will receive a thank you card from the board of directors providing you with our tax id number and a donation receipt. We thank you for
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your support!


Shawnee History Day
& Pop-Up Museum


Our main event, fundraiser, and educational exhibition is Shawnee
History Day
. Where we celebrate our historic mountain community
by asking locals to bring their artifacts and antiques to display in our Pop-Up Museum. We raise money with a silent auction, anproviding tours of some of the oldest houses
and cabins in Park County. We hope
to expand our event to include edu-
cational booths that teach
skills and historical facts about the
area. Shawnee History Day takes
place in early August and hosts live
music and good food.


Our Pop-Up Museum features
not only antiques and artifacts
from locals. but  reproduced 
maps and old photos that show
when and where certain legen-
dary events had occurred, when and where landmarks existed, 
and the coordinates of original 
homesteads and property lines.

Price - Tyler Cemetery
Restoration Project

20230919_120655 (1)_edited.jpg

We are working to preserve several

tombstones from our historic

Price-Tyler cemetery. The stones

will be placed into a block of concrete with special preservative

mortar which will keep it from 

sinking into the ground. The county

is building a stone retaining wall and culverts to divert the rainwater

and snowmelt around the cemetery.

Meanwhile we are raising money to 

build a historically accurate fence

and gate around the cemetery.

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